Sara K. Schneider's Skin in the Game

Reflections on body, culture, and spiritual practice


Sara K. Schneider, Ph.D., performance anthropologist, professor, and author, links public education about global cultures with the professional development of educators, health-care professionals, and clergy. Schneider completed her undergraduate education at Yale and trained at New York University in Performance Studies, the nexus of cross-cultural studies and arts theories and practices. Faculty and Program Co-Director in Interdisciplinary Studies at National-Louis University in Chicago, her three published books deal with the meanings of the body in expressive culture. Most recently, her workshop “The Bodies of ‘Others’: Compassionate Cross-Cultural Care” was presented as a pre-conference workshop for the American Holistic Nurses Association.
Come visit Sara’s website, Her newest book, Art of Darkness: Ingenious Performances by Undercover Operators, Con Men, and Others, is also featured at She can be reached at
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